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10 Reasons Why November Is The Thursday Of The Year

I'm so NovemBORED, here's looking to you December

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1. Your Halloween sugar high is over / Via Milk and Cookies

2. You can't start thinking, mentioning or singing anything to do with Christmas / Via blogssfdiamondgirl

3. The color BROWN

4. It's too cold to be outdoors

5. And everything looks like a dead wasteland until it snows / Via Perez Hilton

6. Daylight Savings = darkness / Via Reddit

7. It's literally depressing / Via Wiffle Gif and TIME

Searches for depression and anti-depressant drugs actually spike in mid-November every year.

8. Cold and flu season starts/takes over / Via Reaction Gifs

9. Unkempt facial hair is a form of entertainment / Via Guy Code Blog

Movember is actually a great campaign across the globe to raise awareness and funds for men’s health. You can view more info here -

10. People fool themselves into thinking Thanksgiving is their favorite holiday

Actually give thanks for Thanksgiving, it may be November's one redeeming quality / Via Diva Snap

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