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    31 Gorgeous Things From Target That’ll Make Your Home Feel Much More Sophisticated

    Guess it's time to upgrade every room in the house.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A gold bar cart that just gives off a look of luxury holding all your drinks and accessories. The gold finish really pushes it over the top in terms of style.

    2. A floor mirror complete with a ladder and hooks so you can display your cute accessories in a stylish fashion. This piece works perfectly in a bedroom or as a statement piece in the front room of your home.

    The mirror stand with a scarf and wallet hanging on it

    3. An antique-looking toaster so you can eat delicious toast and love the machine that makes it. Stylize your kitchen with a retro feel you'll *love* every time you enter the room.

    The toaster

    4. A wooden wine rack to upgrade your alcohol storage and display. Cute for decoration purposes and as a place to hold your wine.

    The wood rack

    5. A speciality coffee maker that will look good on your kitchen counter *and* satisfy every coffee/tea desire you've ever had. No longer will you be limited to only drip coffee at home because now your coffee maker has a milk frother — as you deserve.

    6. A faux fur throw pillow so soft, you'll feel like you're royalty every time you use it. Convincing yourself to get out of bed or off the couch will be next to impossible when this is what you're leaving behind.

    The pillow in beige

    7. A gold bowl because even the most mundane things look elegant when placed in a bowl of gold. Adding this one statement piece to your home will create a look of luxury in whatever room you place it in.

    8. A Novogratz floor lamp so you can swap your old lamps out for something a little more elevated. The circle top adds that simple touch of something different to make your whole pad feel slightly more sophisticated.

    The standing lamp with black shade and gold rod

    9. A set of glazed dinner plates to take your dinnerware up a notch. Forget classic white plates, this subtle cream set is just the right amount of classy.

    10. A cheeky doormat so you can welcome your future guests in style — and also remind them to bring a gift for the host. Yes, the outside of your house needs decor as well.

    The mat that says "hope you brought wine" in front of a door

    11. A patio rocking chair because the summer months are here and you're going to want some cute furniture to sit out on.

    The teak chair styled with a pillow, blanket, and magazine

    12. A beautiful circle mirror to give your home a more open feel and upgrade the elegance of your wall decor. Once you get a circle mirror, you'll never go back to the square-mirror days of the past.

    The mirror in natural finish

    13. A dual-head desk lamp so your home can be fancy and well lit. Plus, it has a light dimmer — peak luxury.

    The lamp with two heads and a gold base

    14. A ceramic planter you can proudly display your plants in whether they are real or not. This item is so versatile, you can place it anywhere in your home and feel the effects it has.

    The planter with a plant in it

    15. A chaise settee sofa that looks like it came from some regal little boutique. The style of this sofa will have everyone who enters your home thinking you had to search for ages to find it when really, you just got it from your local Target!

    the sofa in red

    16. A lush weighted blanket for those nights when you need the extra comfort, but want something that still looks stylish when not in use. And it has a removable cover so you can change it up whenever you please

    the folded blanket in light purple

    17. A wood wall shelf perfect for holding your super cute decor in a more decorative way. Now, you can take those little knick-knacks that sit on counters and desks and display them fabulously from the wall.

    18. A mid-century modern bench that will add that little something extra to your decor making it so much more than your average room. Why sit on a boring chair when you can sit on a bench?

    the gray bench with shoes underneath and wall decor above

    19. A simple coffee table because sometimes sophistication comes in the form of wood and wire. This minimal addition to your home will give your space an elevated feel without you having to do hardly anything.

    the coffee table next to a couch with a magazine and coffee cups on it

    20. A clock with a modern charm to add some flair to your wall decor. Sure, you could check your phone for the time but this elegant clock on your wall is just so much better.

    the clock hanging on the wall above a plant and a book

    21. A geometric rug because if you want your home to feel *really* luxurious, give your feet a necessary woven pillow to walk on instead of a hard floor. Your feet and your guests will thank you.

    the off-white run with black lines under a table next to a couch

    22. A half apron to upgrade your kitchen couture. You'll feel like a bonafide chef cooking it up in this glamorous apron.

    23. A two-basket air fryer so you can stop using multiple pans and start using this incredible machine. Cook some veggies in one basket and protein in the other and call it a day!

    an aerial view of the air fryer with chicken in one basket and veggies in the other

    24. A glass house terrarium to display all your plants in an elevated, luxurious way. Nothing says sophistication like owning an indoor terrarium.

    the glass terrarium with two plants in the top and bottom

    25. A set of window curtains because you deserve the style and privacy these provide you with. Gone are the days of giving the neighbors a glimpse into your home — time to upgrade.

    the window curtains in white with black line patterns

    26. An electric wine opener so you can say goodbye to the days of struggling to get the cork out with a manual opener. Just press the button on this and watch the top slide off with ease.

    the wine opener next to a wine bottle and gifts

    27. A set of outdoor patio chairs for peak relaxation after a long day of work. These comfy patio additions will be the only thing getting you through the slog of Zoom meetings.

    the two patio chairs with tan cushions on a patio

    28. A KitchenAid professional mixer guaranteed to upgrade your baking game. This gorgeous machine will look great on your counter and become your favorite kitchen item because of how simple it is to use.

    the blue mixer on a counter with ingredients and pizza next to it

    29. A hammock rope chair that you simply cannot say no to. This piece adds a fun touch to your outdoor seating without sacrificing style or functionality.

    the rope hammock with two pillows on it

    30. A three-tier party stand that will make you the host you've always wanted to be. Display different desserts on these at the end of a dinner party or throw some cheese and crackers on for the perfect appetizer.

    the 3-tier party stand with cheese and fruits on it

    31. And a comforter set because you deserve to feel like you're sleeping on a bed of clouds every single night.

    the striped comforter set on a bed with yellow pillows

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