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    31 Cheap Things From Target That’ll Make Your Daily Routine Feel A Little More Upscale

    Feeling luxurious doesn't have to cost more than $40.

    1. A pair of high-rise paper bag ankle pants for a comfier take on dressy-looking slacks. All of the style, none of the squeeze.

    Model wearing the pants in cream

    2. An iced coffee maker to make all your Starbucks dreams come true from the comfort of your kitchen. Plus, it comes with a reusable tumbler and coffee filter!

    The coffee maker in gray

    3. A rose quartz sculpting stone that, surprisingly, isn't for sculpting art, it's for sculpting your face. Need I say more?

    a model using the product on their face

    4. An idyllic torch now that summer has finally come around. Spend the evenings lounging outside in the light of this adjustable flame with a glass of seltzer.

    The lit torch with a hand demonstrating the adjustable feature

    5. An artificial succulent arrangement so you can add some life into your home without having to worry about keeping actual plants alive. Anyone else struggle with that?

    the succulent arrangement on a desk next to a vase and other books

    6. A pore extraction skin resurfacing system which is basically just a lot of words to say a device that will help clear up your skin. Nothing is more luxurious than pulling dirt and grime off your face and being left with glowing skin.

    a model using the pore extraction tool on their face

    7. A minimal jewelry box that might not clean up the clutter of your jewelry but it can at least hide it in an aesthetically pleasing box.

    the jewelry box laid out with a watch in one section, rings on the rose lid, and bracelets in the other seciton

    8. A glass pour-over maker that makes great coffee *and* adds some cute decor to your kitchen. As a former barista, I can tell you, pour-over coffee is unbeatable.

    The coffee maker

    9. An Olive & June cuticle serum that feels self-explanatory because as we all know, the true measure of wealth is how nice your cuticles are. Fool everyone with this $15 steal.

    10. A rounded metal cart to give your space a more elevated, modern feel. Use it as a bar cart or tuck it in the bathroom and put some candles on display — no matter where you put this piece, it's going to feel fancy.

    A rounded metal organizer

    11. A stackable bamboo shelf for all your pantry problems. Adding a couple of these units will give you more space for your dishes and other dried goods that are fighting for space. Now you're one step closer to a fancier-feeling kitchen.

    A stackable shelf

    12. A mini ceramic lamp to help light your space and give you a serotonin boost every time you click it on. Bright in your home, bright in your head.

    the lamp next to a vase of flowers on a cabinet

    13. A layered gold necklace that could probably cost well over $100 at another store but is less than $20 here. Sometimes all you need to complete an outfit is the perfect necklace.

    The necklace

    14. An at-home facial steamer to make you feel like you've brought the spa home to your couch. Carve out some "you" time and feel the extravagance wash over you.

    15. A set of outdoor string lights that you can easily flick on when the sun starts to set. Imagine sitting outside in the summer air after a long day at work with these on. Peak luxury.

    the string lights hung in front of a house

    16. A luxurious gel cleanser to get all the dirt and grime off your face at the end of the day and keep your skin smooth and fresh. Plus, it's paraben-free and great for sensitive skin.

    the gel cleanser in front of flowers and cotton balls

    17. A set of stoneware salad plates because there’s nothing that will make you feel fancier than serving yourself a salad course on completely separate plates. You deserve it.

    the four pack of plates with a napkin and silverware on top and a salad bowl next to the plates

    18. A satchel handbag with a sleek finish that gives off the look of an expensive item but won't have you crying in the checkout line.

    The bag in beige

    19. A ceramic vase you can add some actual flowers to or even just some fake ones to elevate your day. You could honestly throw branches from the ground in this little vase, and it will still look good.

    the two sized vases in navy blue with white dots on a cabinet

    20. A ring set you can easily slip on in the morning to make you feel fancy all day long. Easily upgrade your everyday style for under $10 with this set.

    the set of five rings

    21. A pair of platform sandals that are simply too cute not to own. Plus, they'll make you feel like you're wearing heels without the guaranteed pain of stilletos.

    the sandals in black with cork platforms

    22. A crepe scarf with so many style options you won't feel like an outfit repeater if you wear it multiple days in a row. Tie it in your ponytail or wrap it and wear it as a makeshift headband.

    model with the scarf tied in their ponytail

    23. A striped accent pillow that'll add a pop of color in your space and an uber-comfortable cushion when you need it. This 100% cotton pillow will quickly become the most luxurious thing in your home.

    the blue and white striped pillow on a couch with other pillows

    24. A small wallet for functionality and fashion purposes. Say goodbye to chunky wallets that take up the majority of your bag. This super cute replacement holds all your essentials and takes up a fraction of the space.

    the black wallet with white flowers on it

    25. A matte claw clip perfect for holding your hair back on those days you need to get things done but want something a little more stylish than a ponytail.

    26. And a black and white canvas print that adds a minimal yet modern touch to your home's decor, so you can admire your upscale taste every day. The simple line drawing is the perfect balance of sentiment and style.

    the line drawing of two holding hands

    27. A pair of retro cat-eye sunglasses guaranteed to make you feel super badass whenever you wear them. Give people a glance over the rims fo these and they'll be thinking about you for the rest of the day.

    the cat eye sunglasses

    28. A Burt's Bees lip shimmer that will make your lips feel silky smooth and also add a hint of color without being too overpowering.

    the lip shimmer in color "peony"

    29. A pair of super cute loafers so you can achieve runway levels of fashion and not hate your shoes by the end of the day.

    the loafers in light gray

    30. A mug holder for a decorative way to store your drinking glasses. Say goodbye to boring cupboard mugs when you have this fancy holder on your counter.

    the gold mug holder with two light blue mugs on it

    31. And a snazzy desk calendar because knowing the date is pretty essential. Might as well make it more fun with this on your desk.

    the desk calendar

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