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    15 Of The Best At-Home Manicure Products You Can Get On Amazon

    Excuse me while I purchase every single thing on this list 💅.

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    1. A set of files and buffers to help shape and smooth your nails. These are essentials you absolutely need in any manicure kit.

    Reviewer's picture of their rounded nails after using the buffer

    2. A honey cuticle oil that's plant-based so you can love the product almost as much as you'll love your nails once you've used it. The hydrating formula helps heal cracked and dry skin around your nail beds.

    A reviewer holding the bottle with soft, painted nails

    3. A professional nail care kit so you can channel your inner manicurist whenever you want. This set has literally everything you could ever need to make your nails look beautiful from the comfort of your living room.

    A reviewer holding up the full set in the rose gold carrying case

    4. A necessary bottle of drying drops to prevent the smudging that is bound to occur without some extra help.

    5. A gel UV lamp that's so worth the investment to have quick-dry nails at home. There's nothing worse than spending time painting your nails only to have them smudge because they weren't fully dry. This solves those problems.

    6. A nail recovery kit complete with cuticle oil, strengthener, and ridge filler to help promote nail growth and restore damaged nails. Speaking as someone who used to have awful nails after years of acrylics, this set is something you absolutely need to help your nails heal.

    A reviewer before and after photo showing cracked nails and then soft, shiny nails

    7. An almond cuticle oil so easy to use, it won't feel like a hassle to take care of your nails. The easy to use pen makes it simple to just brush on your nails once a day without a mess or big to-do. A manicure must-have, if you will.

    The cuticle oil pen

    8. An instant cuticle remover that's strong enough to get rid of the dead skin around your nails but not too overpowering that it'll hurt your skin in the long run.

    9. A set of holographic nail powders for those days you feel like channeling your inner Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century. These shimmering shades are easy to apply and give you super show-stopping nails.

    10. A 20-piece polish set because how are you supposed to paint your nails without nail polish? Might as well buy in bulk.

    11. A cuticle pusher and spoon to help clean up your nail beds easily. Throw some cuticle oil on and give a little push with these and you'll be amazed at the results.

    A reviewer holding the pusher and spoon with clean cuticles and painted nails

    12. A carrying case so you can keep all of your tools, polishes, and accessories in one place.

    13. A top and base coat set because those make all the difference whether you're doing your own nails or getting them professionally done.

    14. A brush set in case you're feeling bold and want to try fun designs one day. These are also perfect for cleaning up extra nail polish that doesn't *quite* get on your nail.

    The full brush set

    15. And a set of press-on nails for those days that you literally can't be bothered to do your nails. Grab these, press them on, and no one will be the wiser.

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