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    All The Best Labor Day Deals At Wayfair

    Up to 70% off kitchen upgrades, bedroom furniture, and more.

    ICYMI: It's somehow already September. And while that means 2021 is more than halfway over (*shudder*) it also means Labor Day is approaching and bringing all the sales with it!! If you're looking to redecorate your home, look no further. Wayfair's Labor Day Sale is offering up to 70% off select items and no, I'm not joking.

    Here are just a few of our favorites from this glorious sale:

    1. 57% off a pouf ottoman you can sit on, eat on, serve on, and rest your feet on. It's an all-in-one furniture addition that normally costs over $150 and you're getting it for less than $70. Um, yes please!!!

    the pouf in two colors, white on top and tan on bottom

    2. 58% off a dining set that adds a perfect homey touch to your living room. There's nothing like investing in a place to eat, work, and entertain when you've previously eaten meals on the sofa. Just me? Oh, okay.

    the brown table and chaor set with a tan runner across the center of the table and two candles and a flower arrangement over it

    3. 44% off a task chair over 2,000 people agree is worth the spend on the original price so how are you supposed to say no to a discounted price?

    4. 75% off a comforter set with gorgeous ruffled pleats to add an element of style to your bed during the day. You'll only love it more when you slip into these soft covers after a long day of hard work.

    the white textured comforter

    5. 66% off a wall mirror to make it easier to see yourself when you are looking absolutely fabulous. This gorgeous mirror will help make your room feel bigger and brighter and you don't have to pay nearly what you normally would to make it happen.

    6. 46% off a nightstand for a classic bedroom addition that packs style and storage. This has drawers for hiding clutter you don't want on display, plus a bottom shelf to stack books and other more decorative items.

    the white nightstand with gold handles and a stack of books and other decorations on top

    7. 64% off a gorgeous sink addition that will upgrade your kitchen so quickly you'll wonder why you never thought of replacing the sink before. Who knew all it took to feel refreshed in your home was adding a different sink basin?

    the white sink basin attached to a marble counter top and faucet with a cup and saucer and flowers on the counter

    8. 40% off a mirrored dresser for those people who need to see what their shoes look like with their pants and don't have a full-length mirror yet — or at least, don't feel like walking over to one. This shows you what the bottom half of your outfit looks like while you're getting dressed.

    the mirrored dresser with gold accents. there's a deer decoration and vase of flowers on top

    9. 58% off an accent mirror because every home could benefit from a circular mirror, especially one that's over half off!

    the circle mirror hanging above a blue cabinet with a picture frame and plant on top

    10. 56% off a set of pendant light accents for a modern enhancement to your kitchen island. These hanging globe lights come in a frosted finish to make you feel even fancier every time you turn them on.

    the globe light fixtures with frosted white outsides hanging above a marble countertop

    11. 38% off a dining table with a concrete top that you might have passed up before, but now can't look away from. The contrast of the concrete table with the wooden legs make this beauty so much more stylish than you ever could've imagined.

    the concrete table with a center arrangement of candles and five brown chairs tucked in around it

    12. 31% off a tufted chair with a super cute floral design to make you feel like you're sitting in a meadow in the middle of your living room. Reviewers love the added color this chair brings, and it's safe to say, you will too.

    13. 79% off a luxurious headboard that will make you feel like true royalty. Say goodbye to boring headboards of the past and invest in this incredible piece that's normally over $1,000 and is on sale for less than $300. I. Am. Not. Joking. People.

    the blue headboard above a bed with gray sheets and a white nightstand on the side

    14. 38% off a corner bookcase if you, like me, can't shove any more books in your tiny New York closet. This cute bookshelf doesn't take up too much room but still provides the perfect storage space for your reading material and other knick knacks.

    the corner bookcase with decorations on the five shelves including a picture frame, bowl of pinecones, and a plant

    15. 60% off a rustic TV stand with glass cabinet doors so you can still feel a sense of space in your home while storing clutter off the floor.

    the light gray tv stand with books in each of the cupboards, vases on top, and two decorative bowls in the open center

    16. 55% off a pair of dining chairs made of velvet because heck yeah you deserve to sit on velvet every time you eat. Plus, the studded edges make these babies feel that much more elevated.

    17. 41% off a wide velvet sofa with an elongated chaise end so you can grab a quick afternoon nap during your WFH lunch break and not have to upset your perfectly made bed. Grab a quick power nap on this lovely home addition and be ready to take on the rest of the day.

    the gray couch with long chaise end with two pillows on the sides and a coffee table in front of it

    18. 60% off a desk that doesn't take up too much space if you have cramped quarters but at least gives you somewhere other than your bed or the kitchen table to get your work done.

    the wooden desk

    19. 35% off a food processor and blender combo if you need both but don't feel like paying the price of two different appliances. This makes great morning smoothies but can blend up some pesto sauce for pasta in the evening as well. It's the best of both worlds!

    the food processor with pico de gallo in it and the empty blender attachment next to it on the counter

    20. 53% off an area rug so you can add just a hint of color to your decor without overwhelming a room. And it comes in so many different shapes and sizes you could buy a bigger one for the living room and a smaller size for your bedroom and no one would even realize.

    21. 48% off a kitchen island for those homes that don't have a lot of counter space for cooking prep but also don't have the space for a full-sized island. This solid wood kitchen addition not only provides counter space, but it also has storage drawers on the top and bottom.

    the white island with pots and cookbooks on the bottom shelf, a towel hanging off the side, and a cutting board and knives on the top counter.

    22. 76% off an upholstered bench that I have said before and will say again, is PEAK luxury. If you've always wanted to splurge on a bench before but couldn't justify the price, this is the time to do so.

    23. 62% off an outdoor firepit because summer is officially on its way out (*cries*) and you don't want to be freezing your buns off during winter dinner parties—they're a thing, okay? Seriously, how cozy does it sound to have friends over and drink hot chocolate by the firepit? Ugh, I'm convincing myself.

    the firpit with a wire covering on a deck

    24. 64% off a memory foam mattress that conforms to your shape and is designed to minimize disruption if your sleeping partner is a restless sleeper.

    the mattress on a bed frame with white and red pillows stacked on top

    25. 48% off an outdoor space heater in case we have to go back to outdoor get-togethers this winter. Keep yourself warm on the deck with this sturdy piece that won't tip over on windy nights.

    26. 71% off an 1800 thread count sheet set so you can feel like you're sleeping on a bed of clouds at literally a fraction of the price.

    the white sheets on a bed and two pillows

    27. 66% off a 40-piece dinnerware set because why not invest in a massive serving set when it's on sale? This elegant set has enough settings for up to eight people and screams vintage chic vibes.

    the full set of white dinnerware on a brown table

    28. 50% off an Ayesha Curry deep skillet that will help minimize splashing with its high edges. Plus, all those one-pan recipes you see on the internet are now applicable to you because you have a skillet that can go from stove to oven in a flash.

    the red pan with lid on

    29. 57% off a drum coffee table for an accent piece that's not your average side table. The jeweled look of this coffee table will add that little something extra to your home you didn't know it was missing.

    the brown coffee table with coasters, plants, remotes, and a candle on top

    30. 68% off a 74-piece flatware set to accompany the massive dinnerware set you already bought from this list. I mean, you're going to need forks and knives for the dinner party you're hosting, might as well get them on sale.

    one of each of the forks, knives, and spoons in the set against two white napkins

    31. 82% off a pair of wall canvases based on Vincent Van Gogh sketches. These are the perfect way to have literal million-dollar-esque artwork hanging in your home for less than $100.

    the two framed eucalyptus plant sketches hanging on a wall above a couch and pile of pillows

    Want more? Yeah, me too. Check out the rest of Wayfair's Labor Day Sale through September 6.

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