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    The 10 Strangest Social Coupon Deals

    From Vajazzling to lipo, these days there's a social coupon deal for just about everything. Check out some of the most bizarre deals you'll wish you didn't miss out on and try Couptivate to organize your own strange (or not so strange) social coupons.

    Check that off your bucket list.

    One serving of diabetes, coming right up.

    On Living Social, beauty isn't priceless, but at least it's discounted.

    57% off college education for teachers? The future of our children's learning.

    Hehehhehe. Sorry that was just me laughing as they tickle me.

    24 Karat Gold facial? I'd rather a ring.

    At Housing Works, when you buy an item, that money goes to families in need. A discount on charity? Think again.

    Safest deal out there.

    DEALCEPTION. A deal for a deal. NO DEAL.

    For a mere $60k, no you don't get a luxurious all inclusive shuttle to space, you get to.... name a plane! Womp womp.

    Worried about forgetting to use that Vajazzling or Big Mac deal you purchased? Try Couptivate, a digital wallet that organizes and reminds you to use your purchases from sites like Groupon and LivingSocial!