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10 Amazing POC Cosplayers You Need To Follow ASAP

Be a hero.

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1. Victory Cosplay

Have you ever seen such a perfect Finn cosplay from Star Wars? Didn't think so.

2. Jihatsu

The armor he makes is insane. So talented.

3. Teriyagii Cosplay

The most amazing Rock Lee from Naruto.

4. Petite Ebby Cosplay

Such a beautiful and perfect Tiana.

5. Ashe Cosplay

The perfect Kida from Atlantis.

6. T-Stunning Spidey

*heart eyes emoji*

7. FionaNova

The most perfect Junko from DanganRonpa.

8. Kitsu King

Insanely creative.

9. KayBear Cosplay

Such breathtaking beauty, and perfect craftsmanship.

10. And Ayumi Nini

This is perfection! Love this Overwatch Cosplay.

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