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    • coryma

      I love all the comments from people who don’t wear make-up. I do wear make-up daily. It never takes me 30 minutes, even when I get crazy with wild eye shadow colors. This video is ridiculous…they chose four MODELS who all look perfectly fine with their natural face. Find me four women who work full time jobs, run households, have dark circles, bags under their eyes, a tiny pimple on their chin, drab hair they don’t have time to take care of, patches of red skin caused by stress….show me those women without make-up, then with the 5-15 minute make-up job they do themselves daily to make themselves feel happier….and then ask me if it’s worth it. The premise here is utter bunk. I appreciate the intent…a woman shouldn’t require make-up to feel she is beautiful, nor should she feel inadequate without it. But if she wants to wear make-up, if she likes it, if it makes her happy, if she enjoys getting arty with different styles and colors…then yeah, to her it’s worth it. And anyone who wants to judge her for that can get bent.

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