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    • corneliusd2

      When it was my first time to vote,Inoticed that all of my friends from high school of the same age were in debt because the put their Eurotrip onacredit card, had extensive drug problems, and had knocked up their underage girlfriend on her parents bed when they were out of town.

      All of them wanted to vote for the guy who promised to deliver the most free stuff because they felt their poor personal life decisions was the fault of some powerful politician/businessman who used their influence and wealth to somehow make them forget to put onacondom, snort coke, or buy things they didn’t have money to afford.

      That more than anything else shaped my political leanings whenIrealized I’d rather beagrown-ass man working forapaycheck thanalittle boy waiting to win the lottery. Not becauseIhate women, gays, and minorities… just stupid/lazy people.

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