26 Signs You Have Travelled Around South America

Life on the gringo trail.

1. You have a photo of yourself pretending to be Christ as one of your Facebook profile pictures.

tumblr.com / Via Tumblr

2. You also have a photo of yourself pretending to be Pharrell.

tumblr.com / Via Tumblr

3. You went to a favela party. And loved it.

tumblr.com / Via Tumblr

4. You love debating which side of Iguazu Falls is better.

tumblr.com / Via Tumblr

5. You know all about what goes on at Milhouse Avenue B.A.

milhousehostel.com / Via Milhouse Hostel Website

6. You tell everyone who has never been to Argentina that the Mcdonalds there is better.

tumblr.com / Via Tumblr

7. You know who Mr Hugo is and that he encourages drunk cycling in Mendoza.

tumblr.com / Via Tumblr

8. You know that the difference between semi-cama and cama is the difference between happiness and misery.

tumblr.com / Via Tumblr

9. You own this photo.

coloradanmagazine.org / Via Coloradan Magazine

And probably some sort of “I survived” t-shirt.

10. You have slept here

11. And probably here too

12. You may have been here.

And realised it’s just a massive lake with a funny name…

13. You know how annoying it is to move from hostel to hostel and keep seeing the same person you hooked up with months ago.

tumblr.com / Via Tumblr

14. You ended up here and competed in the Loki Olympics.

There really is nothing else to do in Mancora.

15. You decided that the regular Machu Picchu trek was for wusses and that you were more of a jungle trek kinda guy.

tumblr.com / Via Tumblr

16. You took advantage of the Bolivian pharmacies. Hello over-the-counter Valium.

tumblr.com / Via Tumblr

18. And ultimately made it your mission to get into here.

The San Pedro Prison

19. ….and probably failed.

tumblr.com / Via Tumblr

20. You have at least one near death experience story.

tumblr.com / Via Tumblr

21. The roads still haunt you.

tumblr.com / Via Tumblr

22. You know what Route 36 is.

tumblr.com / Via Tumblr

23. You own several of these.

s7d2.scene7.com / Via National Geographic

24. You know that this is a lot harder to create than it looks.

tumblr.com / Via Tumblr

25. Most of your travel photos are of random drunk people.

tumblr.com / Via Tumblr

26. You have the best memories ever!

tumblr.com / Via Tumblr

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