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    • Coris07

      Perez only critized her music & posted other links from other media sites about her MUSIC not her character or any private matters, it is not his fault her song didnt do as well her other songs & now that he along with other social media sites are pointing it she couldn’t take it , she was the first to get personal, why didnt she attack time magazine or any other blog that continued to say her new single was a flop. She is an artist and should know not all her music will be hits, but she took that to the heart and publicly began to attack Perez PERSONALLY . He has yet to even attack her but she continues to support her fans death threats to him and his child, yet she calls herself a human . It’s no secret and I’ve heard through OTHER blogs NOT PEREZ , what a horrible person she is behind closed doors, her ego has caused her to forget who she was before making it and sadly it seems she will stab anyone in the back to stay on top. I hope Perez reveals what happened , I don’t think he would have ended a friendship with her after all the support and admiration he gave her without something horrible happening between these two. I don’t think Perez is innocent but noone gets personal & are quick to get angry and paranoid if they didnt have something to hide.

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