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  • #SochiProblems Have Put A New Hunger Games Twist On The Olympic Games

    Vladimir Putin has definitely put a new twist on the international gathering of athleticism. The guy who screwed up the Olympic Rings in the Opening Ceremony of 2014 was found with stab wounds in his hotel. I wonder how many other lives it has cost to host a global symbol of peace and competition? I think this shirt from Etsy says it all! I am sure it would probably make some oligarchs pretty happy if the only way to get to the podium was to be the last one standing. And with all of the Russian controlled media failing to recognize much of the blatant savagery surrounding the games and its lack of preparedness; focusing only on the glory the games represent, it begins to shape up much like the Hunger Games. Control and suppress the people, it’s the only way to preserve the chronyism political structure at the top!

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