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Drunken Boston College Students Explains Dorm Damages

Boston College student sends drunken rant to reslife.

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A friend's mom works in reslife at Boston College and received this email from a former BC student disputing the charges for dorm damages. He sent it drunk at 3am. 

"Yeah we went absolutely HAM!!!! in 14A! YOU ALREADY KNOOOOOW WHAT IT ISSSSS!!! But $500 each....furrilldo? Is the money here the motive?.... cuz if you mess with the money it gets ugly as coyote. I thought we did a pretty good job at getting the holes between the kitchen and stairs patched up before moving out (shout-out to "Holes We Be Fillin' em") and I can surely explain the damage to the wall in the living room. From orientation, to moving into different dorms, to joining clubs, to starting new classes, Ice breakers get soooo played out at BC and we just wanted to get to know our neighbors a little better. The wall had to go. Was it not pretty legit when the Berlin Wall went down?...Uhh, yeah it was, so why not 14A's? Ya feeeeel me? At the time, spray painting graffiti and attempting to knock the wall down was really our only option. The way I look at it, we were just trying to be true Jesuits (RIP to the homie ignatius) and foster an open community where we can share our finest Natural Lights with our fellow BC brethrens in the mod to the right of us. It was with good intentions we took turns shot putting our kettlebells into our living room wall at 5 in the morning. So taking a hard look back, I guess I can't blame you for not reversing the charges. Was it 3 G's worth of damages....debatable, but I guess rules are rules. You win Reslife, i'll pay up. "I put my hustle down got my money up" so really it's not an issue. Good times in Mod 14a....good times. The things I would do to be back in my mod right now with my roommates (BRICK SQUUAAAAAD!!!!).....frightening. Now they got cha boy working late night in a cubicle. Well I'm glad to finally put this to rest. You guys were sending mail back home getting ready to call a collection agency on a brotha....fallback with all that. "We was young, and we was dumb but we had heart" regrets. Godspeed, "

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