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    • coralanneg

      There will always be room in my crowded head for beautiful words, poetry and writing. That sense of something special going unspoken and not acted upon. Sad that so many don’t dream anymore. Sad that other wordsmiths live only to tear apart the creation of others rather than spending the time writing their own dreaming. The idea of a dream lasting sixty years is so alien to those who can’t go five seconds without a text,call,picture,video on their individual mass created and manufactured suppression devices. I remember words, letters, poems, stories long written and kept for decades. Thank you for adding to my day.

    • coralanneg

      Here,Isit across the globe and think and ponder. How did this happen and how can it be prevented? How canIhelp? How do young men store up such dark terrifying rage?Iam physically and psychiatrically disabled,Ihave little money. What willIdo?I will lightacandle, justacandle for everyone that has been frightened, hurt or killed. It will burn for 40 hours the label tells me. So wheneverIsee the flameIwill whisperaprayer. One for the innocent affected, one for their family and friends, one for all those who ran to help risking much for what they knew felt right, one for those in uniforms who came home safely and the fear their family felt, one for those who didn’t come home and the grief and loss those that knew and loved them feel, one for two young men who have been made into killers (thoughIdon’t yet know what shaped them), one for disbelieving, shocked and shamed family who have discovered that evil dwelled within.Ican’t do much, butIcan pray and send wishes for calm and reflection. AndIcan choose not to judge cause that’s not my job.Iwill read all comments, but not judge the commenters becauseIdon’t know what circumstances and environments those commenters have lived through.Ijust understand their need to speak out becauseIfeel that need too and on the scale of thingsIam one of the silent, very silent.Ihave my own set of social, political and religious parameters, but they are silent today. It is not my intellectual mind seeking to speak. My heart wants to shout there isahuge wave of hurt here andifeel it andIam running towards it as fast asIcan, not becauseIbelong toarace oranation orareligion orauniform or hold any office. BecauseIamahuman and these incidents hurt many of my brothers and sisters all over the world. My heart feels it, and it knows it is wrong.Imay only one person who wields little power, butIam one of millions and millions who want change. My candle burns.

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