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Updated on Dec 27, 2019. Posted on Dec 18, 2019

Only A Real K-Pop Fan Can Figure Out The K-Pop Group From Only Their Song Titles

Put your skills to the test!

  1. "Dalla Dalla," "Icy," "Cherry," & "Want It"

  2. "Fancy," "Catch Me," "Heart Signal," & "Liar"

  3. "Mama," "First Love," "Lucky," & "Butterfly Effect"

  4. "Paradise", "No Longer", "Run Back 2 U" & "Angel"

  5. "Hush," "Luv," "Only One," & "Secret"

  6. "Airplane," "Signal," "No More," & "Butterfly"


    These are some of the most popular song titles for kpop artists!

  7. "Really," "Playing With Fire,"
    "Kick It," & "See U Later"

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