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Women's "Wall Of Honour" Billboard Features Zero Women...

...just three smiling, natty men. There must be a good reason for this?

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The billboard is via Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, Canada.

Maybe the women are on the back?

According to the Chronicle Herald, the three happy men are (L-R): Paul Kent, president and chief executive officer of the Greater Halifax Partnership; former provincial Liberal leader Danny Graham; and Rob Batherson, senior vice-president of public affairs at Colour, an ad agency. Each of the men has donated to the university.

The Women's Wall of Honour is set to open in December of 2014 and honor scores of women who have been submitted for inclusion by their friends and family.

University spokesman Ben Boudreau said using men to advertise a project about women wasn't intended to be controversial or jarring.

"I don't know that we were really shooting for juxtaposition there, to be honest with you. It was just about reaching a different audience. Many of the donors to the Wall of Honour have been women, and the university wanted to appeal to another demographic, especially with Mother's Day coming up."

Well, that explains absolutely nothing.

So far, 274 women have been identified for inclusion in the project — none of whom, as you can see, made it to the billboard (unless they're on the back).

The same three men also sit atop the project's website. (image below).

Via: Gawker.

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