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Women Are Hating This Verizon Mother's Day Commercial

For good reason, I believe.

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Sample YouTube comments:

—This commercial makes me want to punch people.

—I'm not a feminist, but this commercial offends me, as it should every woman. It says that women are so emotionally unstable that a simple part of life that almost every teenager goes through is enough to reduce women to a blubbering, incomprehensible mess. And that the only way to resolve this blubbering that apparently all women have is to purchase a phone. Fuck you, Motorola.

—Do you have ANY IDEA how irritating it is to hear this sniveling OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER? It makes me hate Verizon, was that your intention?

—Who are these retards who are hitting "like" and what fucking planet are they from?

—Makes me want to throw a brick through the TV!!!

And then there this one from Jack7417:

—This video pretty much sums up women. Stupid, lost, and crying.

The Likes and Dislikes are running neck-and-neck, probably because Verizon and Motorola employees have been ordered to Like it.

What do you think, Mothers and Daughters?

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