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Which Of These 8 Commercials Will Win Ad Of The Year?

The big Cannes ad festival is next week. One of these spots will win the Grand Prix.

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1. Metro Trains Melboune — "Dumb Ways To Die"

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The goddamn cutest safety PSA ever is the overwhelming favorite to win the Cannes Grand Prix next week. This is the rare perfect advertising masterpiece, and the even rarer ad that makes me proud of my industry.

Ad agency: McCann, Australia.

2. Southern Comfort — The World's Most Comfortable Man

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He — not that big phony "The World's Most Interesting Man" — is the hero Alcohol deserves.

Men like him. Women like him. Dogs like him. He likes him.

A perfect blend of branding, created by Wieden & Kennedy.

3. Evian — "Baby and Me"

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Unlike the rest of the world, I violently dislike the Evian Babies campaign — but that's partially because bottled water is an evil fucking product. But, only partially. Using babies or animals as your creative linchpin is uncreative and uninspiring.

Ad agency: BETC, Paris.

4. Channel 4 — Paralympics

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If this ad doesn't inspire you to get off your ass and do something — anything — nothing will. The jolting war zone and car crash scenes are a brilliant touch to a brilliantly directed video. Track Public Enemy: "Harder Than You Think."

Ad agency: none. Director: Tom Tagholm.

5. Thai Health Promotion Board — Smoking Kid

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One of the best anti-smoking PSAs ever produced.

It is "shockvertising" at its best (unlike these four bullshit ads), because it involves real people and a real insight.

Ad agency: Ogilvy, Asia.

6. Carlton Draught — Beer Chase

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Quite possibly, the most entertaining beer commercial ever made, that also doubles as a don't drink and drive PSA. A massive winner of an ad.

Ad agency: Clemenger BBDO.

7. Axe — "Susan Glenn"

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Well, it is the best Axe commercial ever, but that ain't sayin' much.

Ad agency: BBH New York.

8. Midttrafik — The Bus

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When I first viewed this ad, I wanted to cab to JFK airport, fly to Copenhagen, and ride one of Denmark's amazing public buses as soon as was technologically possible.

Ad agency: M2Film.


If I was judging, the Midttrafik bus ad would win the Grand Prix, because it sold a nearly unsellable thing — public bus transportation.

But, the "Dumb Ways To Die" is going to win. Bank it.

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