Which Of These 4 Commercials Deserves The Emmy?

The nominations are in — there is a clear winner.

1. Google Chrome “Jess Time” Ad agencies: BBH & Google Creative Lab.

The Google Chrome spot is quite touching, but it’s a tad overplayed, and that cloying track (“Broken Chair” by Chris & Thomas) annoys me.
But, Google, unlike Apple, Samsung, and especially Facebook, has figured out the right way to do tech ads. The spot is a close 2nd place.

The Nike ad — which will almost certainly win — was quite simply, an irresponsible commercial.
You can read my very unpopular review of the ad here.
Nike is reportedly going to shoot a follow-up spot showing Nathan’s “success,” which was helped along with a nutritionist and professional trainer. JUST DO IT (with provided expert help).

The Grey Poupon spot is, by far, the worst of the four, and doesn’t even deserve to be here. cp+b took one of the all-time classic TV ads, and just added noise and hyperbole and bullshit to it.
100% unoriginal.

The best spot is clearly the Canon ad.
It is, pretty much, the perfect camera commercial.
Read my rave review of it here.

So Nike will win, guaranteed.
And it doesn’t deserve to.

2. Nike “Jogger” Ad agency: Wieden & Kennedy.

3. Grey Poupon “The Chase” Ad agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky.

4. Canon “Inspired” Ad agency: Grey.

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