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    When Manly Men Wore Questionable Slacks

    The 1960s-70s h.i.s ads are classic. Before becoming an actor, Nick Nolte modeled for them. (His ad, plus four others, inside.)

    The "Anti-Establishment Post-Grad Slacks"

    O Brother. "Our Post-Grad Slacks have soul." Look at his expression; looks like he's ready to punch a hole in the wall the second the shoot's over.

    That's Nick Nolte in the middle

    Nolte, finished with a long hard day of dogie rustling, is about to hit the town with his pardners in search of a fine cold sasparilla.

    DEATH PANTS! Is that a young George Takei, left?

    “Ask not. They’re for you…and come in a ring-a-ding assortment of colors and fabrics. They’re definitely becoming a novel American great.” The cool black dude's slacks have foodstuffs all over them.

    A "Tom Jonesey shirt with balloon sleeves..."

    What's new Pussycat?

    "Scorer" Slacks

    Slack Power's wingman.

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