When Art Directors Drop Acid

People’s faces get seriously messed up. Fourteen ads.


Jesus screaming Christ.
Swiss ads for sore throat remedy Mebucaine.
I like them.


Ads via the Island of Dr. Moreau for Eden Wasabi chips.
Ad agency: Grey Singapore.


“Humans aren’t symmetrical, why should their cars be?”
All I know is that freaky same-half-face guy would make a chilling horror movie monster.
Ad agency: TBWA Paris.


Ad is for is real human head masks.
Actually, it’s for Samsung’s 360º wide angle CCTV security system.
Ad agency: Cheil, Seoul, South Korea.


Translation: “Maruko. Bras that make your breasts look bigger.”
So, these gents have been bronskied?
Ad agency: Asatsu-DK, Tokyo.


Another neck mouth.
Ad is for Pampaverde’s extra big burgers.
Ad agency: La Mesa, Santiago, Chile.


Same product and same basic idea as above, but an even scarier execution.
Ad agency: KesselsKrammer, Germany.


Ad for Mama Ito’s wasabi boules by Grey, Frankfurt, Germany.
So…I’ve accidentally eaten one with my eye? Which is made of paper?
What the actual FUCK.


If you find a more frightening baby monitor ad, please post it.
Ad agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Print ad via Italy for Stella coffee products.
“The Bite Of Coffee…”

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