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    What Your World Would Look Like "Without Mobile"

    It would look batshit insane, according to this new commercial.

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    This "Welcome to Internet Theatre" commercial is...a mess.

    A big, hot, expensively-produced, sometimes funny, mostly idiotic, anxiety attack-inducing mess.

    I guess when you're a $19 billion telecommunications manufacturer like Qualcomm, you can make a big dumb mess of a branding commercial that actually makes me want to throw my smartphone into the Hudson River, and go off the grid.

    But, the "viral" video has 2.3 million views in three weeks, so I guess the Qualcomm brass think they got their money's worth.

    Note: I did "LOL" at the Twitter joke, and it made me ":-)".

    Ad agency: The Viral Factory, London.

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