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    What The Bloody HELL Is Going On With These New Pepsi Ads?

    You will not ever see more bizarre soda print ads. Via Germany.

    I love that there is no copy in the ads. Very artsy.

    But, showing microscopic blood vessels is maybe not the smartest idea, since it makes me think about how bad too much sugar in my blood is for my health?

    Though there is no copy, the ads were tagged "iconic refreshment" when sent to me via email from BBDO, Pepsi's agency of record.

    Was the art director shooting heroin while concepting?

    Anyway, SlowClap to the agency for selling such a bizarre batshit idea to such a big global client.

    But, the ads don't me thirsty.

    Ad agency: BBDO, Düsseldorf.

    Two more graphic designer wet dream pieces below.