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    This Is Not A Staged Car Crash Photo

    Wait til you see the billboard behind the car.

    Via Belgium.

    Billboard copy translation: :"850 killed each year. And you? Not concerned?"

    According to the Belgian news report, no one was seriously injured in the crash.

    Belgian authorities should just pay the owner to leave the car there: That would slow people down.

    Amazingly, this is not the first time something like this has happened. See below.

    The incident occurred in the winter of 2011 in the city of Tomsk, Russia.

    The copy translates roughly to "Speed must be reasonable."

    Bonus, from 2010 in Israel.

    Headline translation: "Don't Drink And Drive.

    It's a 60-foot tall, 15-ton bottle obelisk made of 80 wrecked cars placed on a major Israeli highway.

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