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    This Is How Vagina-Tightening Is Sold In India

    With a "Like A Virgin" cover. Cultural controversy over "18 Again" rejuvenating and tightening gel.

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    18 Again is a product of Mumbai's Ultratech pharmaceuticals.

    Gynecologist Dr. Mahinda Watsa said, "Being a virgin is still prized, and I don't think attitudes will change in this century. Women write to me and say, what do I do? I've had sex with other people but how do I convince people that I'm a virgin?"

    National Federation of Indian Women spokesperson Annie Raja said, "This kind of cream is utter nonsense and could give some women an inferiority complex."

    Ultratech says on its website that the gel also “helps prevent infections, encourages natural lubrication, masks foul odor, and reduces involuntary urine escape."

    Creatively, the spot is harmless-looking and silly, but the issue is a hot one. Indian men have a very strong virgin fantasy when it comes to marriage. Thus, the introduction of this product in the country.

    Preying on/creating new female insecurities remains big business.