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    Gory Divorce Lawyer TV Commercial

    Let's call this "The Dresden Chainsaw Massacre."

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    The ad, for the firm of Hannig, Ahrendt & Partners, is currently running in cinemas in Dresden.

    Translation: "This wouldn't have happened with a divorce lawyer."

    So, they're strongly targeting women.

    Pretty uncomfortable for any married/engaged/LTR men in the audience.

    May actually—long-term—hurt the firm's business.

    Terrible sound effects, terrible fake blood.

    Said Frank Hannig, the genius behind the ad:

    "We wanted to show that we're a bit different, a bit unconventional, and not quite so buttoned up...We might have a problem with the bar association. I wouldn't have dared do it ten years ago, but everyone can see that it's satire."

    Yes, satire. You're the next Jonathan Swift.

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