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This Cool Concert Poster Isn't What It Seems

That's quite a lineup of bands, though.

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German homeless charity, Friends With Benefits (FWB), describes itself as the "first foundation of young people for young people."

The people who founded FWB also run a charity campaign,"One Warm Winter," which collects warm clothing for Germany's homeless because the country's homeless shelters are badly overcrowded. Every January, they hold a popular fund-raising concert featuring many of Germany's top rock, rap, and pop acts. That's where the idea for this clever poster originated.

The poster was recently put up on the streets of Berlin and other German cities, and on Facebook, where it was used to promote a one day online and offline event (which was yesterday, September 11th), "My Home Is My Hustle."

It's a beautifully-designed poster, the typography is impressive.

Language note: "Korn" in German means literally "grain," but colloquially "liquor."

Ad agency: DOJO, Berlin.


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