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The Ultimate Collection Of 1970s Pornstache Cigarette Ads

Feathered cuts. Shirts opened to the pecs. And thick, bushy whiskers. It was the last decade of Thick & Bushy (wink).

1. Benson & Hedges (1971)

Sonny Bono (RIP)?

2. Salem (1975)

Hey babe. About the only smiling 70s stud I found.

3. Winston (1975)

As you can see, I smoke for the pleasure.

4. Winston (1976)

The Winston men were mostly a dour bunch.

5. Salem (1976)

Can I say it? Dude's pretty ugly. (Maybe he was a porn star?)

6. Benson & Hedges (1976)

The Benson & Hedges 100s campaign was smart.

7. Winston (1977)

Bow Chicka Wow Wow.

8. Salem (1977)

This piece of studcake looks like Salem 1976's cuter, younger brother.

9. Viceroy (1978)

"V" is for "Vagina".

10. Camel (1978)


11. Winston (1979)

Ladies, I'm totally approachable.

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