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The Sickest Film Festival Ads

Film festival season is in high gear. Sometimes, the ads are crazier than the films.

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1. This Kid Is Dead Funny

Now that's some black comedy. Cinestud is Amsterdam's international student film festival. This 2010 trailer was conceived and directed by Alain Friedrichs.

2. Sadistic Swedish Hillbillies?

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Deliverance-influenced video pushing the 2011 Elmsta 3000 Horror Fest in Stockholm. FYI, even though they got plenty of "Likes," they still killed their hostage.

Ad agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Stockholm.

4. Piss-Vertising — The Video

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5. Everybody Wants To Be Mr. Pink

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Wonderful Reservoir Dogs parody commercial for the Queer Lisboa gay film festival in Portugal.

7. Facebook Is Horrible

This ad sponsored the 2011 FantasPorto — Oporto International Horror Film Festival. Note: the actual facebook button uses the right hand, not the left.

Ad agency: DraftFCB Lisbon.

8. "Bring Me My Fucking Money."

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Wait for it...

Trailer promoting the Whistler (British Columbia) Film Festival.

Ad agency: Dare, Vancouver.

9. Creepy Bunny Is Creepy

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Large bunnies are always creepy.

Video from 2011 promoted the creepy animation night of the Anim'Est film festival in Bucharest.

Ad agency: Ogilvy, Romania.

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