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The "Russian Banksy" Is Dead reported he died last night. Known as Pasha 183, he was only 28 years old. Let's look at some of his amazing Moscow street art.

1. Glasses

One of Pasha's more famous works: oversized glasses with one arm made from a lamppost, the rest drawn in snow.
He was given the name "Russian Banksy" by the British press. He didn't like it, because he had been producing his own work for 14 years, well before he had heard of Banksy.

2. "Instigators of Bridges"

A rioter with a flare on an overpass.
At night, flames were lit on the piece.


4. Spaghetti


Spaghetti made from plastic industrial tubing, with a huge fork.

5. Wings

At a Moscow bus stop.

6. Pulp Fiction


According to an interview he did with, Pasha unsurprisingly said he hated advertising.
His work was remarkably varied, and very creative — much more so than Banksy's.

8. Christmas

Girl hanging Christmas balls on barbed wire.


Pasha did most of his work in and around Moscow.

10. Riot Police

Riot police on subway doors.

11. "Surveillance"

Armed surveillance camera of the future?
Very 1984.
My favorite piece.

12. Pasha 183 reports his real name may have been Pasha Andropov.
They also stated that no details were available on his death.

All photos via, except where indicated.