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Mt. Rushmore Now More Gay

Yesterday, BuzzFeed gave you 14 steps to help you accept the new Gay America. Let's call this ad the 15th step.

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Mount Assmore! This poster ad, from 2008, is for German website Queer Travel. It won a silver Epica Award in 2009.

To the Presidential asses!

Teddy Roosevelt (second from right) has the roundest rump, but Lincoln's (far right) is the tightest tushy. Poor George W. (left) has the flattest. TJ's got major back! They must have caught him during his heavy period. (Yes, I l know these aren't meant to be accurate representations of said Presidents' butts. But they should have been.)

I'm sure the DOMA-supporting South Dakotans would love this sullying of their state treasure.