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The Funniest Chocolates With Whiskey Ad Of The Year

Drunk kids! The ad just won a Bronze Press Lion at Cannes. My version would have won Gold, though. Take a look.

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It's a little toy car. OK. So I guess we can surmise that the kid who was controlling it was drunk. But, what's with the sneaker? Did it fall off the doll "driving" the vehicle? I know I know, it's just "creative license."

But, why not just shoot actual kids who've crashed their Big Wheels? Makes more sense, right? OK, it would probably be against advertising standards laws, but let them sort that out.

I couldn't find any good photos, but I screen-captured a couple of moments from videos.

If these were nice clear photos timed better, they would make a good campaign for the product. You blew it, Dentsu, Brazil.

Because I know many of you are also sick fucks, here's the two videos the stills are from: one and two.