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The Five Worst 9/11 Exploitation Ads

Ranked, as you descend down the page, from bad to worst.


2008, via New Zealand, for ASH (Action on Smoking and Health). Cigarettes, the real towers of death, amirite? Well, the same exact cheap visual was used a year earlier in Dubai.


2008, for Colombian newspaper El País. It's time to play "what's wrong with this picture," kiddies! See if you can spot the boo-boos.


2010. Courrier International, a Paris-based weekly, solves 9/11 after the fact: the World Trade Center architects should have stopped at about 50 floors. Look! The hijacked planes missed the shorter targets. Learn to anticipate!


Year unknown (but, post-9/11/01). Jenburkt is an Indian pharmaceutical company. Alternate headline: OSTEOARTHRITIS CAN BE TERROR-BLE. (sorry for the crappy copy, only one I have.)


2009 ad for the World Wildlife Fund in Brazil. It’s raining planes! There was, not surprisingly, major fallout when this ad hit the Internet. The WWF denied green-lighting the ad. But then, it came out that they apparently did approve it. Video version of the ad, which is even worse, below.


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