The Five Worst 9/11 Exploitation Ads

Ranked, as you descend down the page, from bad to worst.

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2010. Courrier International, a Paris-based weekly, solves 9/11 after the fact: the World Trade Center architects should have stopped at about 50 floors. Look! The hijacked planes missed the shorter targets. Learn to anticipate!


Year unknown (but, post-9/11/01). Jenburkt is an Indian pharmaceutical company. Alternate headline: OSTEOARTHRITIS CAN BE TERROR-BLE. (sorry for the crappy copy, only one I have.)


2009 ad for the World Wildlife Fund in Brazil. It’s raining planes! There was, not surprisingly, major fallout when this ad hit the Internet. The WWF denied green-lighting the ad. But then, it came out that they apparently did approve it. Video version of the ad, which is even worse, below.


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