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The End Of Humanity, Continued...

From now until Friday, people are actually going online to "skip" a stone across a pond via "Skippy" the robot (pictured).

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As the son of Hillbillies, and an expert stone-skipper, this is the stupidest idea I've ever seen. Vacation spot Sun Valley, Idaho, through their L.A. ad agency Eleven, has set up Skippy—who looks a bit like #5 from Short Circuit—pond-side somewhere in the area.

Copy from the video:

"A recent scientific study found that 100% of people are in favor of skipping stones in the summer. Sadly, 99% of them can't (because they have no arms?). Skippy's a...robot with the brain of a mad scientist and the heart of a mountain man (shut-up)."

Go here to watch pathetic people (not) skip stones. You also get occasional stupid commentary by two idiots on site.

This is one of the worst things in the history of the world.

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