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The Creepiest Collection Of Doll Photos Ever Assembled

Not even fire can kill them. You'll see.

1. At a beach in Victoria British Columbia.

2. Snapped by a UPS driver.

3. She emerges from the shadows every day at this exact time.

4. Guy says he stepped on his sister's doll, and laughed. He didn't laugh later that night, at all.

5. Buster Keaton with a Buster Keaton doll.

6. The things she's seen, on the other side.

7. A disassembled sex doll.

8. Yes, nice girl, go ahead and try to feed me...one ...more...time.

9. Backroads of North Carolina.

10. Sloth Barbie.

11. You're laughing. You wouldn't be if you saw how fast they move with stilts.

12. The dolls are always there, everywhere. Even in your video games (found in Batman: Arkham Asylum).

13. Porcelain dolls after a house fire. The family got out safely. This time.

14. You'll be sleeping in Grandmom's old room tonight.

15. His bottom two-thirds is only a few miles away, and stumbling toward its upper one-third's silent scream.

16. *shivering*

17. "My legs are too long? Your life is too long."

18. "Oh, yes, Suzie, I love my new makeup job. Now, where does mommy keep the big knives?"

19. Who in Christ's name makes these things?

20. X-rays provide no answers.