The Crazy “Crazy Hobo” Stock Photo Series

A very bizarre collection of shots, from iStockphoto. He doesn’t really look like a hobo, but he is crazy. And he has a laptop. And a business card.

1. 1. Title—the crazy hobo looks at something intriguing on his laptop

LOOK at the size of his right hand. WTF?!?

2. 2. Title—the crazy hobo is not so skilled in the laptop repair arts


3. 3. Title—the crazy hobo is mad with power, power tools that is

I really hope this photoshoot isn’t the high point of the model’s life.

4. 4. Title—the crazy hobo is ready to get to work

…get to work killing your family, while wearing safety goggles.

5. 5. Title—the crazy hobo shows something on TV

After killing all of you, he steals your TV.

6. 6. Title—the crazy hobo tries to escape from the TV

Stupid crazy hobo.

7. 7. Title—the crazy hobo leers at the camera

What are you gonna do with that big stick, crazy hobo?

8. 8. Title—the mean looking crazy hobo shakes a stick at the camera

At the next house, the crazy hobo kills everybody with his perfect stick.

9. 9. Title—the crazy hobo uses silverware for his personal grooming

YOUR silverware, dead families.

10. 10. Title—the crazy hobo proudly shows a business card

…a BLANK business card. Why? Because…crazy hobo!

Next up: the Crazy Hobo Eating Salad series.

Thanks to David Griner for pointing me the way to this series.

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