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    Jul 20, 2013

    The Coolest Sexiest Ice Cream Ads On The Planet

    Why? Because OUTSIDE right now, that's why. 15 ads.

    1. Kapiti Designer Ice Cream


    Ads via New Zealand by Colenso BBDO. The art direction is gorgeous, yes? I wanna lick that cherry-vanilla fuck-me pump all up and down...but, eh, maybe that's just my unhealthy shoe fetish kicking into overdrive.

    Two more delicious ads below.

    2. Kapiti Designer Ice Cream

    3. Kapiti Designer Ice Cream

    4. Kibon Ice Cream


    Brilliant poster idea for Kibon ice cream via Brazil.

    5. Duet Ice Cream


    Via Russia, a racially-flavored print ad for Duet ice cream.

    Chocolate in Vanilla. Heh.

    Not funded by the GOP.


    View this video on YouTube

    This is a commercial for the most popular brand of ice cream in South Korea. The brand is not named because everybody there already knows (from the package) who it is.

    Her singing and dancing are equally disturbing.

    7. Federici


    The campaign for Antonio Federici ice cream caused the Brits to have a snit-fit.

    All the executions were banned by the UK's Advertising Standards Authority.

    The ads were made by Creative Director Matt O'Connor.

    Two more below.

    8. Federici


    Ran as a double-page spread.

    This is how she got pregnant, no condom. of course.

    9. Federici


    Just to make sure all British Catholics went apeshit.

    10. Nestle Joya

    View this video on YouTube

    The sexiest ice cream commercial ever, via Israel.

    BUT HEY, Publicis (the ad agency), you stole that creamy pump idea from the NZ campaign above.

    11. Cose Dolci


    Via Italy.

    Not included because it's cool, but because...WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK.

    12. Ben & Jerry's


    Trippy as FUCK campaign via Singapore that won a Gold Lion in Cannes in 2009.

    Headline: "Like someone had a totally life-affirming completely mellow, at one with the universe moment — and froze it"

    Two more ads below.

    13. Ben & Jerry's


    Headline: "I am floating on cream and fudge pieces. The giraffe seems unconcerned. He smiles, and continues to read the newspaper. On I stride, on toffee cookies and brown sugar, wallowing. The red queen offers vanilla and almonds, the universe opens, and swallows me whole."

    14. Ben & Jerry's


    Headline: "Where do the names come from? Well, put it this way: It's hard to argue with the logic of a 12-foot purple caterpillar."

    Ad agency: O&M, Singapore.

    15. Skol Beer Ice Cream

    Via Brazil.

    It's ice cream.

    It's beer.

    (*Homer drool sound*)

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