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The Best Halloween Ads

99% of them are terrible. This is the 1%.

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My favorite Halloween print ad ever, and one of my favorite print ads of all all time. So perfectly creepy. The campaign won a Gold Lion at Cannes in 2007. Ad agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day. See two more of the ads below.



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I generally abhor the stupid "Got A Little Captain In You?" campaign.

But this spot, from 2007, is pretty clever. Ad agency: Grey.


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My favorite ever Halloween TV spot, also via Snickers and BBDO NYC. Many ad critics complained about the creepiness of the commercial back in 2010. Uh, It's Halloween? It's supposed to be freakin' creepy.


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And this is this year's Snickers Halloween commercial, "The Horseless Headsman." It's funny, but I much prefer the above 2010 spot because it doesn't rely digital trickery. The "head" is actor Ezra Buzzington. Ad agency: BBDO NYC.