The Brutal Abuse Of The Pope In Ads

He’s been turned into the Devil, a scary baby, and Garbage Pail Pedo Pope.


WOZ, a Swiss weekly newspaper, takes a cheap shot at the Pontiff by turning his Holiness into a Devil with a flip of a page and some Photoshop — all to present the supposed viewpoints of both conservative and progressive Catholics. Sold some papers, I’m sure.


German weekly newspaper badly, digitally hatches a Baby Pope to sell its compact size.


A Uruguayan bookstore lays out Benedict XVI’s imagined reading history to illustrates that reading habits change.


One of a series of street posters via a Kiwi skateboarding company. Eshe basically tried to offend everybody. See the other seven posters here, including Gandhi getting a blowjob and “Tick-Tock Muhammad.”

5. Benetton

As part of their Cannes Grand Prix-winning “Unhate” campaign, Benetton hung this banner depicting the Pope necking with Egyptian imam Mohamed Ahmed el-Tayeb in Vatican City. It was quickly confiscated.

6. Peta

Peta produced these fliers back in 2010 soon after Ratzinger made his comments about condom use being OK, sometimes. Expert Photoshop skillz there.


Now here’s how to use the Pope in an ad.
VW in Ireland took an interesting story and turned it into PR gold.

8. French Television 1

Ad from 2010 promoting Tele 1’s morning show.
Quite noteworthy and newsworthy today.

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