The 9 Coolest Ever Ads On Benches

    Have a seat, and take a look.

    1. Very nice (and very cheap) ambient ad for Polo mints. It won a Gold Lion for JWT London at Cannes in 2010.

    2. Promoting literature in Istanbul.

    3. Brilliant Nike bench by ad creatives Anna Echiverri and Annie Chiu.

    4. Via the UK by JWT London.

    5. Another Kit Kat bench — who had the idea first? I don't give a shit, they're both good.

    6. Via Sweden. Copy on the benches: "Football anywhere. Text “football” to 72404 and watch your favourite team live on your mobile phone."

    7. This is a fake comp for Victoria's Secret by an NYC ad student, but it's pretty funny.

    8. Impressive installation by the city of Denver urging residents to conserve water.

    9. Via France for Soöruz skatewear. Not an actual ambient bench ad, but it would make a great one.

    10. And, just to complete the post:

    Here's the worst ever bench ad.