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The 25 Funnest Gay Ads Ever

It's a great day to be gay. Ads from all over the world.

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One of Budweiser's first foray's into gay marketing, from waaay back in 2006.

Love the big, sweaty phallic bottle.


2007 Orbitz ad scanned from MetroSource magazine.


This ad needs some matching cheeky body copy:

"...and grab our great packages now!

The Northeast just got 8-9 beautiful inches!

Lodges are wall-to-wall wood! Ski hard, play hard!"


Back in 2005, Daffy's had some risque fun with Gay American Jim McGreevey.

The polarizing Svedka fembot is now dead in their ad campaign.

But, she was always very gay-friendly.


Durex ad, via Australia, last year, pre-Mardi Gras.

2010 ad for Club Termix, a gay sports bar in Prague. Heh.

2010 recruitment ad for Muddy York, a 40-member gay rugby club that competes in the Toronto Rugby Union against predominantly straight teams. Hilarious.


Ad from 2010 by the Liquor Control Board of Ontario.

Pretty cool, once you consider it's a government ad.


Huge 2009 Diesel ad on Houston St. in NYC that hilariously confused the fuck out of everybody.

2009 poster via Aukland's cheeky St. Matthew in the City Anglican church.


Love the minimalist art direction.

2010 ad for Ha'eer Bevarod (The City in Pink), an Israeli gay magazine.

Sticky Australian ad via Virgin Blue that ran in gay mags pre-Mardi Gras.

Copy: "Really excited to be part of the gay and lesbian Mardi Gras 2010."

Like their ads or not, Virgin has long been a pro-gay marketer.

From 2011, the gayest cookie ad ever, via Kuala Lumpur.

Check out the raging chubby on the sailor.


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