20 Cool As Hell Retro Air Conditioner Ads

Fuck you, July. FUCK. YOU.

1. His name is close to our name — let’s stick him in a big ice cube!

3. 1954. Cool glam rich bitches.

6. From a 1957 Mark IV car A/C ad.

9. From a 1960 Frigidaire ad.

10. Will cats ever stop being abused by advertising?

11. Top half of a 1963 Payne A/C ad.

12. 1959. Copywriter earned his keep that day.

13. 1959. Copywriter should’ve been punched in the mouth that day.

15. 1955. Not too sure about that illustration.

16. “I see a spear, but one of them is waving…still better gun it, honey.”

17. 1958. “HA HA, stupid sweaty paperboy,” said little princess ice queen.

19. Okay — Let’s fuck! (1961).

20. 1958. Baby penguins AND ice cubes. FUCK, I’m sold.

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