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    The 14 Strangest Comme Des Garçons Ads

    The most bizarre fashion campaign running has nothing to do with clothing.


    Machine sculptures by the French artist Paul Granjon, titled "My Little Eye," and "Heart Beat Machine."

    The Japanese company launched a men's shirt line more than a decade ago. Every year, the ads have been completely different, with no discernible theme, at least, not to this ad critic.

    Alice Rawsthorn, design critic of the International Herald Tribune, said this about the ads, in 2011:

    “Perhaps because the Shirt campaigns are conceived by a creative director who edits the contents from ready-made imagery rather than the fashion designer and photographer who produce them, the only consistent thing about them is their inconsistency. Yet collectively they build a compelling portrait of the brand as well as of its creators and the people who will wear the clothes.”

    Amongst those people, you will not find me.

    It is nice, though, to not see any brooding models staring at me broodily while buttoning up their shirts.


    One more of Granjon's sculptures.


    "Paper surgeries"


    L — Illustrator Daniel Clowes. R — Illustrator Leland Myrick.




    Painting by Abraham Mignon. Lyrics by the Pet Shop Boys.


    Sculptures by Simen Johan.