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Terrible Ideas 2012: Banker Tattoos

Being given away by an Ohio bank. "My banker is my anchor?"

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From the press note:

Fifth Third Bank, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, is giving out temporary tattoos as part of its “Live Curiously” branding campaign. The tattoos display witty (they misspelled "stupid") sayings, such as “My Banker is My Anchor,” “Long Live Liquidity,” “Death Before Divestiture,” and encourage customers to “Live Curiously” and create banking relationships that “go beyond skin deep.” The Live Curiously campaign is designed to promote the Fifth Third Bank’s Preferred Program, which provides dedicated bankers that do more than just scratch the surface.

Had your fill of meaningless customer service cliches?

I have some alternatives:

• My banker is my anger

• Death before my money runs out

• S.S. Caymans Fund


Ad agency: Leo Burnett, Chicago