Some Very Questionable Product Packaging

    I'm not eating that. I'm not drinking that. Nine products.

    1. An alien baby holding a tomato(?) on a package of peaches. Stinky alien baby feet. It must for working for them, so who I am critique?

    2. It's cheeseburger in a can! YOU fucking eat it!

    3. Lighter from China.

    4. Craft beers are going just a mite bit too crazy in my opinion.

    5. Excuse me Doctor, you're the expert, but trying to do this can't be good for my blood pressure (it's a blood pressure drug).

    6. Turkish cakes can't be trusted.

    7. I smell fresh mint and a lawsuit.

    8. Dear Keebler: Can I put these in my toaster?

    9. Not approved by the FDA. Yes it's a real product.