Suspicious Quotation Marks Here (10 Photos)

    I don't trust any of these people as far as I can "throw" them.

    1. Via skymall. Show your "lover" how "solid" your "bond" is.

    2. So, it's either warmish or stolen bread.

    3. Mystery Meat.

    4. The Lesson: Don't break out the quote marks anywhere near the word "meat"

    5. Who knows what in the Hell that switch actually does.

    6. In other words, "LOL FUCK YOU"

    7. See, if you hadn't used the unnecessary quotation marks, it would still be in the staff room.

    8. The one thing you can be sure of IS that this IS not their brewery.

    9. Through online search, I've only been able to find out that this is a woman who lives in Louisiana.

    10. All I can do is scream obscenities while trying to read this mess.

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