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Six Ads That Really Pissed People Off In 2012

Christians, transgender people, the Amish β€” the ad industry got under everybody's skin this year.

1. Red Bull

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This Jesus-debunking spot ran all over the world, including South Africa and Brazil. You wanna see some real complaints, Red Bull? Run it in Mississippi.

2. Libra tampons

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Ha ha, you don't have a vagina!

Lesson: Don't fuck with transgender people.

3. New Idea magazine

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Lesson: Don't fuck with the Amish.

4. Pilot pens

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This spot upset men, as it portrayed men as idiots.

I have no problem with this spot.

5. Cottonelle "Gripples"

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Gripples grip more shit.

Depicting smelly behinds knotted the knickers of many.

My problem here is that dogs like the smell of poo, rendering the commercial inaccurate.

6. Carefree

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This was the number-one complained-about ad β€” in Australia and the world over. Why? Because a tampon commercial dared speaketh the "v" word.

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