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Real Dead Animals Used In Chinese Environmental Ads

Headline: Goodbye Cruel World.

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The ad agency press note:

We've poisoned their food supply and destroyed their natural habitats. With flocks of birds falling out of the sky and whales beaching themselves on the shore, its like nature is giving us a sign; enough is enough. Maybe, just maybe, we've pushed nature too far and animals are giving up and taking their own lives. With this in mind, we created a campaign for the China Environmental Protection Foundation featuring animal suicide. All the animals we used were already dead when we found them. Did they take their own lives? Who knows, but who could blame them if they did? We hope this campaign will make people sit up and take notice of the damage we are doing to our planet.

What do think? Effective? Ineffective? Creepy? Funny (the mice ad is pretty funny)?

Ad agency: O&M, Hong Kong.