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    Jul 16, 2013

    Provocative New Warhol Museum Summer Ads

    Not for the squeamish or religious.

    1. Beach ball gag. Nice.

    "Summer's Different Here"

    Great new campaign for the Warhol Museum's summer exhibits.

    Love the concept, executions, type, art direction, everything.

    The show runs now through September.

    If you're near Pittsburgh, it's gotta be worth checking out, though be forewarned: the artwork is even more uncomfortable the ads.

    Ad agency: MARC USA, Pittsburgh.

    See two more of the uncomfortable ads, and read more about the exhibit at Adweek.

    2. (shudder)

    3. Let's see Joey Chestnut eat 70 of these hot dogs.

    4. Uncle Fester's granddaughter?

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