Pick The Best Dog Commercial Of All Time

British website Campaign UK is currently holding a poll. 11 total spots.

No, it’s not Bud Light’s Spuds Fucking Mackenzie.

Nor is it Gidget, the Taco Bell Chihuahua.

Campaign UK is currently holding a poll to determine the greatest ever ad featuring a dog. They list 10 spots, most of them superb.

I’ve taken the best of their list, and added a couple of my favorites from recent years.

I’ve picked my winner.
Now it’s you turn.

Harvey for Thinkbox

The dog’s real name is Sykes. He’s a Terrier from Oxfordshire, where he was found as a stray. He’s now world famous, thanks to advertising. He’s the official spokes-dog for Thinkbox, marketing arm of the UK’s commercial TV broadcasters.

Here’s two of his commercials for Thinkbox.

1. Thinkbox “Every Home Needs a Harvey”

2. Thinkbox “Harvey and the Rabbit”

3. The Andrex toilet paper puppy (from the early 1970s)

4. The Hamlet Cigars puppy (looks like the Andrex TP puppy)

5. Pablo, the drug mule dog (for FRANK, a national drug education service established by the British government in 2003)

6. Via France, the Ford Active Park Assist Dogs (all of them)

7. “Tonto” for John Smith bitters (this is “Sykes” again, from the Thinkbox ads above)

8. The confidence dog for VW Polo (he’s not so confident in the bank queue, hilarious)

9. 1993. The Walls Sausages Dog (Brilliant)

10. Via France, the Frolic dog biscuits Bulldog

11. Border Collie “Roy” for Guinness (best St Patrick’s Day ad ever)

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